Starting this month we will be offering CPD workshops for the Mountain Training Association (MTA), which is the awarding body for all mountain qualifications in the UK. The workshops will be targetted at award holders and aspirant award holders to enhance their knowledge of the environment that they/we work and play in. They will draw on the knowledge built up from over 15 years of providing field studies in the Brecon Beacons and will cover explorations of the glacial landscape, upland ecology and geology using the sites we use on a regular basis.

The first is going to be on 29th May in Craig Cerrig Gleisiad near Libanus, and will focus on the geomorphology of the corrie, in particular looking at landforms from the late ice age and immediately after. It’s a great place to explore the effects of ice on the land, and how the landscape has evolved as the climate changed. More complex than some of the more classic corries, but that just gives us loads to talk through! That doesn’t mean geology and ecology will be ignored, and when an opportunity to discuss flora and fauna, an outcrop or a specimen presents itself, that’s just what we’ll do. My workshops always take the form of a walk with talks when they’re relevant, at least partly led by participants’ questions. We also chat as we go along, so there’s always a chance to clarify things, find out more or just share experiences.

Open to members of MTA minimum number 3, maximum 6. Details available on tahdah, the MTA candidate management system: send me a message for the link.

More workshops to follow, dates and content TBC.