KS 2 & 3 Science

The following studies relate well to the National Curriculum in England & Wales for science at KS 2 & 3:

  • Materials –what are our buildings made from and why? What’s in a soil?
  • Energy –how can we generate power?
  • Forces –investigations of flight, balance and friction.
  • The Solar System –stargazing and related daytime activities (weather and season dependent).
  • Habitats –there are a range of habitats around the centre that can be investigated and/or compared in terms of vegetation and/or invertebrate life, including grassland, woodland and freshwater. In addition, visits to a rocky shore, moorland or forestry site can be arranged.

All studies are highly adaptable, and can be adjusted to suit prior learning, ability and background. We are always happy to create new studies to suit your pupils and scheme of work. Please use the contact page to ask for details.