Science GCSE/KS4

A range of options are available for KS4 Biology/Science/Environmental Science/Land-based Science to suit the exam specifications, including iGCSE/Certificates and vocational qualifications. Listed below are the general topics:

  • Interdependence, biodiversity & adaptation –classification and distribution of organisms in a habitat (a range of habitats are available), variation along an environmental gradient, feeding relationships
  • Environmental  change –species as indicators of pollution, impact of introduced species, impact of modern farming methods/management/human activity
  • Photosynthesis –plant height, leaf size & shape in light & shade for a given species
  • Soil forming processes –variation in mountain soils, constituents of soil
  • Water resources –siting a reservoir, conservation & landscape value of reservoirs, assessment of water quality
  • Energy –renewable energy production, wind and hydro-electric
  • Limestone –limestone landscapes, use as a resource
  • Visits to local sewage works, water treatment plants, farms, fisheries, quarries and energy producers with talks from the operators may also be possible.

All studies are highly adaptable, and can be adjusted to suit prior learning, ability and background. We are always happy to create new studies to suit your students and scheme of work. Please use the contact page to ask for details.