GCSE / KS4 Geography

Following changes from 2016, the current range of studies have been updated. The emphasis for fieldwork is now more on skills and understanding the process of enquiry, rather than data, working towards the exams. This is only a slight shift in focus, as the approach will still be investigative, with greater significance given to critical evaluation of methodology and reliability. This is not dissimilar to the fieldwork that A-level students have been completing for the last few years, albeit at a different level of rigour and complexity.

We can also offer case studies and other content exemplification as necessary.

Listed below are the general topics:

  • Hydrology –downstream changes in river channel characteristics, flooding & flood management.
  • Coastal processes & management.
  • Glacial landscapes and landforms in the Brecon Beacons.
  • Weather & climate –climatic variations in valleys, mountains, woodland/forest or urban environments.
  • Rocks & Scenery –limestone landscapes.
  • Biogeography – woodland, sand dunes, and moorland habitats.
  • Tourism –the nature, and impact of tourism on a range of environments human and physical, either in the National Park, on the South Wales Coast, or in the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape
  • Urban studies –investigations at a range of scales (Cardiff, Brecon, Abergavenny and Hereford are all nearby) into land-use, environmental quality, movement patterns, service and retail provision, regional inequality, regeneration, and the effects of industry.
  • Rural studies –changes in agriculture, village land-use, rural inequality, the rural continuum, rural sustainability.
  • Resources -renewable/non-renewable energy, water resources.

For a tailored list, please visit the page for your chosen specification. Please note, these are not intended as an exhaustive catalogue of what we are able to offer, but as the most apt studies for the content specified for each subject area. We are more than happy to adapt our studies to suit your scheme of work, and are constantly developing new teaching material.

An overview document is available here to view and/or download (look out for the tabs at the bottom of the page for your specification):


Alternatively, click on the links below to view the specific set of studies for each specification and their application, particularly to the investigation: