Field-course options for GCE A-levels, tailored for the WJEC specification:






G1 Changing Physical Environments
2 Hydrological change
HYDROLOGY AND FLOOD MANAGEMENT STUDY – Downstream changes in river channel processes and characteristics, plus a visit to a defence scheme to discuss reasons for flood risk and flood management in the town
A CASE STUDY OF THE RIVER WYE – The impact and management of flooding
G2 Changing Human Environments
2 Investigating Settlement Change
URBAN INEQUALITY IN CARDIFF – A comparative study of inner city, (includes studentification), suburban and urban-rural fringe areas, looking at residential quality, environmental quality and other indicators
REGENERATION OF CARDIFF BAY – An evaluation of the success of the regeneration scheme, considering social, economic and environmental implications
ABERGAVENNY CBD STUDY – A look at changes to shops and services, movement patterns and sphere of influence. Data may be used to determine whether or not Abergavenny has become a clone town
RURAL INEQUALITIES – Investigating the differences between declining and growing villages. Themes covered include second homes, counter-urbanisation, decline in rural services and changes to the rural economy


G3 Contemporary Themes and Research in Geography
A2 Landforms and their management
GLACIATION STUDY – A visit to the Brecon Beacons to sketch and/or map a range of erosional and depositional landforms including cirques, arêtes, pyramidal peaks, U-shaped valleys and different types of moraine, including Kame and Kettle
COASTAL EROSION AND MANAGEMENT – A study into coastal processes and landforms on the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Students assess current management and investigate alternatives, for comparison with the defences at Aberthaw power station
SAND DUNE MANAGEMENT – Visitor impact on Kenfig Nature Reserve, and management strategies
REGENERATION OF CARDIFF BAY – Considering the environmental costs and economic benefits of the Cardiff Bay barrage. Visits to Mermaid Quay, the Cardiff Bay Barrage and compensatory nature reserve
A5 Globalisation
INDUSTRIAL CHANGE IN EBBW VALE – Socio-economic and environmental impacts of industrial decline, changing employment, and investment by global companies in this former steel making town
B Individual Research Enquiry
Studies offered under this section are dependent on the topic areas set by the examination board. Potentially we may offer studies on the themes of deprivation, leisure, micro-climates, pollution, retailing, rivers and ecosystems. Please contact the centre for more information.
G4 Sustainability
1 Food
FARM VISIT – Providing an excellent case study of a Welsh hill sheep farm. The farmer talks to students about the changing face of agriculture, and the role of EU policy in directing these changes; diversification; use of technology in agriculture; farming in a National Park.