Field-course options for GCE A-levels, tailored for the OCR specification:






F761 Managing Physical Environments
River Environments
HYDROLOGY AND FLOOD MANAGEMENT STUDY – Downstream changes in river channel processes and characteristics, related to changing landforms, followed by a visit to a defence scheme to discuss reasons for flood risk and flood management.
A CASE STUDY OF THE RIVER WYE – The impact and management of flooding
Coastal Environments
COASTAL EROSION AND MANAGEMENT – An investigation into coastal processes and landforms on (and near) the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, assessing current management strategies and investigating alternatives
Cold Environments
GLACIATION STUDY – A visit to the Brecon Beacons to sketch and/or map a range of erosional and depositional landforms including cirques, arêtes, pyramidal peaks, U-shaped valleys and different types of moraine, including Kame and Kettle
F762 Managing Change in Human Environments
Managing Urban Change
URBAN INEQUALITY IN CARDIFF – A comparative study of inner city, (includes studentification), suburban and urban-rural fringe areas, looking at residential quality, environmental quality and other socio-economic indicators
Managing Rural Areas
RURAL INEQUALITY – Investigating the differences between declining and growing villages covering the themes of second homes, counter-urbanisation, decline in rural services and changes to the rural economy
The Growth of Tourism
BLAENAFON HERITAGE TOURISM – This day explores the role of tourism as the driving force for regeneration of the economy and environment of the town, including a visit to the award winning Big Pit Mining Museum and other tourist venues (all museums are free to enter)


F763 Global Issues
Earth Hazards
BLAINA LANDSLIP – A study on the causes, characteristics and human response to this event
A CASE STUDY OF THE RIVER WYE – River Basin Management
WOODLAND ECOLOGY – An investigation into human and physical influences on ecosystem, threats from human activity, management
SAND DUNE SUCCESSION – A transect through the dune system at Crymlyn Burrows
SAND DUNE MANAGEMENT – Visitor impact on Kenfig Nature Reserve, and management strategies
Population and Resources
FORESTRY – We are able to arrange a talk and tour with a Forestry Commission Warden on your behalf, dealing with human and physical reasons behind the location of forestry in the National Park, the role of the Forestry Commission and sustainability of the resource. Other fieldwork could also be arranged related to forest yields etc.
Development & Inequalities
URBAN INEQUALITIES IN CARDIFF – Comparison of inner city and suburban areas, plus the rural-urban fringe if required, looking at environmental and socio-economic indicators
F764 Geographical Skills
Candidates will be questioned on a fieldwork investigation they have undertaken. Many of the above studies could be use as the basis for this investigative work. An urban study in Abergavenny would also offer plenty of scope for this paper (see summary document).