Easter Activities: Nature Detectives at BWHC

Millipede Woodlouse

So, this Easter I’m running a number of ‘Nature Detectives’-style activities at the Blaenavon World Heritage Centre. We’ve already had one on April 1st, and despite a pretty cold day, we still managed to find a few bits and pieces. We searched for mini beasts with the help of pitfall traps, sweep nets and a beating tray (actually just a big white sheet and a stick!), and here are the results:

To see the full spreadsheet in all its glory on one single view, please follow this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mJI7ndYF6IqYAS-I1pM1APPZsWAXxcw-9AFZzpsV9Xc&authuser=0 I’ve provided links to pictures and videos of the more unusual things to help you picture what’s what. I should say they are all external links and I’m not responsible for the content.

Hope you find it interesting!? What we’re looking for basically is that spring has sprung in Blaenavon (and on the evidence so far, it hasn’t). When we’ve done day 2 (on the 8th April), I’ll finish it off (fingers crossed for a warmer, drier day). Those sessions will be essentially the same (i.e. still looking at pitfalls and daffodils, but we may not do sweep nets and/or beating trays -it depends how things go on the day).

See either: our Facebook page, or the Visit Blaenavon website for details of what’s going on.

SUPPLEMENTARY: Great weather for day 2 -it couldn’t have been more different! After a bright and sunny Easter Weekend, the gardens at the Heritage Centre have exploded into life. The number of flowering daffs increased by over 5800% -incredible! We also found a greater diversity (i.e. more different kinds) of minibeasts, although the springtails were still the largest population by far.

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