New Directions and Something for Father’s Day

So, this week I started out on a new venture working for SFA-CIC, which is the new organisation responsible for delivering the National Learning Strategy for Forestry Commission England. It means working in a new area for me: the Forest of Dean. It’s somewhere I’ve visited a lot so it’ll be good work there -tons of familiar places. It’s also going to have a slightly different focus, more experiential learning than field studies, but I’m sure there’ll be significant overlap. It won’t affect the rest of what I do, as it’s another freelance contract, but another string to my bow. A very exciting opportunity!

On that note, there will be SFA-CIC events running across the country for Father’s Day (this Sunday, 15th June). There’ll be den building and general outdoorsy-ness at the sites we’re working at. If you’re interested, please visit the Facebook listing.

Fcaebook ad

The Father’s Day Ad for my site, Beechenhurst in the Forest of Dean. Tickets available on Eventbrite.

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