Sessions for Children

We offer a range of activities for children, either as part of a school trip, holiday ‘club’ or private session. During school holidays and weekends, we offer bushcraft activities, either on a full- or half-day basis: keep an eye on our Events/News page Facebook and Twitter for details. 

The following activities therefore have no specific link to a particular subject, but are good fun, and still educational!

  • Local walks, exploring natural history, history, geography/geology and enjoying the great outdoors. We generally aim to go somewhere with a great view.
  • Sketching -can be done for a variety of reasons: pure art, to serve as an aide-mémoire, or as a geographical skill.
  • Bushcraft –fire-lighting, shelter building, camp cooking, food foraging, making camp gadgets/furniture, tracking.
  • Fossil hunting.
  • Team-building/wide* games, orienteering.


The following studies relate well to the National Curriculum in England & Wales for history at KS 2 & 3:

  • Many local historical sites can be used to investigate life in the Iron Age –there are a number of hill-forts in the area. Pupils can then have a go at Iron Age/Celtic crafts, whilst considering why they are there. A visit to a hill-fort could be combined with other science/geography fieldwork: the microclimate study may be especially suitable.
  • The nearby Blaenavon Industrial Landscape is a World Heritage Site, and is an ideal opportunity to investigate Victorian life, with a number of excellent free museums, including the Blaenavon Ironworks, the World Heritage Centre, and Big Pit.
  • There are also a number of Medieval castles nearby from which to study the ‘Age of Princes’, and the Norman Marcher Lords also occupied this area. A trip to Caerleon would be suitable for studying the Romans.

See also the KS 2/3 sections under Geography and Science.

All activities are highly adaptable, and can be adjusted to suit prior learning, ability and background. We are always happy to create new activities/games to suit your pupils and scheme of work. Please use the contact page to ask for details.

*semi-competitive games played in a large open space, see: for a definition and a few general ideas.