Fieldwork is a cornerstone of Geography teaching, allowing the opportunity to explore real-life examples of features and concepts and discussed in class, as well as developing key skills and preparing students for exams.

Being based in the Brecon Beacons, we are blessed with some excellent opportunities for physical geography fieldwork on rivers and in glaciated environments, plus we’re not far from the South Wales coastline, with its sand dunes, coastal features and range of management approaches. The area is also ideal for human geography, either offering the chance to investigate how people, live, work and play in the countryside, or travelling further to look at the metropolis that is Cardiff.

Follow the links on the images below to find sections detailing field studies connected to the National Curriculum/Exam Specifications for each of the Key Stages and/or exam boards, as appropriate.

Fieldwork in related disciplines, such as geology, leisure and tourism and similar are also possible. In the past we have worked with BTEC sports courses too, looking at sustainability in outdoor sports. For information, please use the contact form to get in touch and find out what is possible.