Adult and Other Courses

This summer we are offering a range of CPD for outdoor professionals. The aim will be to enhance our understanding of the environments we work and play in. Previous sessions have taken the form of a walk around key sites, with a relaxed atmosphere in between.

So far we have had approval to run CPD workshops for the Mountain Training Association and the British Association of International Mountain Leaders. Approved workshops include:

  • Glacial Landscapes in Cwm Llwch or Craig Cerrig Gleisiad. Exploring the mountain landscape for evidence of the last ice age, putting together a timeline of events to understand more about why these classic corries look the way they do.
  • Geology and Soils on the edge of the coalfield. The landscape of the Clydach Gorge offers an opportunity to experience a geological sequence over 105 million years long, from the Old Red Sandstone through to the Lower Coal Measures. There is sandstone, limestone, quartz conglomerate and mudstone to explore, each with a different depositional environment to interpret. These rocks outcrop elsewhere, in areas well known to mountaineers and cavers in South Wales. The moorland environment in the area also derives from some interesting soils, which are exposed near the top of the gorge and give a chance to talk about how they form and how that effects upland ecology.
  • Upland/moorland ecology. The Blorenge is a great place to investigate the assemblage of flora found on moorland and how soil conditions affect the plants you find growing there. The knowledge of what grows where will help greatly with route selection across moorland, as well as providing plenty of interesting topics of conversation.
  • River geomorphology and ecology (in development). The Caerfanell is a river we use a lot with groups, and has some great landforms and features to discuss. It’s also teaming with life. This workshop explores the development of the features we find there and how and why invertebrate life varies around the catchment.

These courses could also lend themselves to general interest courses for adults, contact us if you are interested in a guided walk or adult group session.

There is also potential for bushcraft courses for adults, looking at fire-lighting & cooking, foraging, pioneering (building with poles and string/rope), shelter-building, and knife and axe skills.

In the past we have also offered residentials for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s award, which could make a return.